5 Things You Should Never Wait For!

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A Facebook commentator posted this on his Facebook page, we deem it fit to share it.

There are certain things we should never wait for. Tennyson Sampson authored this.

  1. Government Work.
    Whilst a lot of individuals are wandering, doing nothing than waiting for government work, it is better if we are intentional about how we live and plan life.
  2. To Graduate.
    You need to have or take a course of study in a school, but before you’ll have an admission and before you’ll get to graduate from the school, identify an area of skill or trade and then invest your energy and resources to build capacity.
  3. Waiting for Money.
    Whilst others are waiting for capital and who’ll sponsor them, why not just start with the little you know or have on you; leave the rest for God.
  4. Waiting for Mentors.
    For those waiting to have a mentor or get guidance, I suggest you start what you should be doing first. Just start it anyhow, first.
  5. Waiting for all the Answers.
    With what you already know, start. Make those mistakes you’re already afraid of now, have them corrected and then forge ahead. Besides, if you can ask questions as you progress, you’ll soon be heads on., alright!

Don’t wait any longer for what you don’t have; make use of what you already have.

God bless you!