Further to the earlier publicized official position of the Peoples Democratic Party, Akwa Ibom State on the Zoning and rotation of offices for the 2023 elections, the State Working Committee of the Party, at its meeting held on April 19, 2022, to further review the cogent issue of Zoning in line with the consensus opinions gleaned from Stakeholders of the Party at the just-concluded PDP Federal Constituency Tour arrived at the following extant resolutions:

The State Working Committee, SWC, re-emphasized that the Governorship position for Akwa Ibom State has been zoned to Uyo Senatorial District. The Committee reaffirmed the gratitude of the Party to members from the two other Senatorial Districts for not making any move in indicate their interest to aspire for the position of Governor in the 2023 elections.

SWC noted with humongous appreciation that this respect for what has now become the entrenched arrangement for the rotation of the Seat of the Governor amongst the three (3) Senatorial Districts in Akwa Ibom State, will serve as a valid precedent for future elections in the State. The committee further noted that this will further strengthen the party, embolden each senatorial district to wait for their turn, reinforce the sense of inclusion of members from all Senatorial Districts within the party, and also deepen the taproot of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State.

State Working Committee also at the meeting affirmed the earlier position of the State Exco of the Party distilled from the PDP Federal Constituency Tour on the zoning of the Senatorial Seats for the three (3) Senatorial Districts in the State as follows:

EKET SENATORIAL DISTRICT – Zoned to Ikot Abasi Federal Constituency

UYO SENATORIAL DISTRICT – Zoned to Uyo Federal Constituency

IKOT EKPENE SENATORIAL DISTRICT – Zoned to Abak Federal Constituency


The State Working Committee of the Party at the meeting after a painstaking session of mining the dominant opinions and submissions by Elders, Stakeholders and Members of the Party during the just-concluded PDP Federal Constituency Tour resolved that the Seats for House of Representatives across the Ten (10) Federal Constituencies in the State be zoned as follows:

Abak/Etim Ekpo/Ika Federal Constituency: Zoned to Abak L.G.A

Ukanafun/Oruk Anam Federal Constituency: Zoned to Ukanafun L.G.A.

Ikot Abasi/Mkpat Enin/Eastern Obolo Federal Constituency: Zoned to Ikot Abasi L.G.A.

Eket Federal Constituency: Zoned to Ibeno L.G.A.

Uyo Federal Constituency: Zoned to Nsit Atai /Ibesikpo Asutan L.G.As.

Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency: Zoned to Obot Akara L.G.A.

Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency: Zoned to Ibiono Ibom L.G.A.

Oron Federal Constituency: Zoned to Oron/Udung Uko L.G.As

Ikono/INI Federal Constituency: Zoned to INI L.G.A

Etinan Federal Constituency: CONCESSIONED TO Etinan L.G.A

The State Working Committee of our Party, the PDP remains eternally grateful to our Elders, Stakeholders members and indeed Akwa Ibom people for the continuous support and demonstration of unwavering faith the goals, ideals and visions of our Party. In appreciation to this show of support, we re-echo our pledge to always match our actions and ideals as a Party with the collective and patriotic aspirations of our members and Akwa Ibom people


Rt. Hon. (Elder) Aniekan Akpan
State Chairman
Peoples Democratic Party
Akwa Ibom State
April 21, 2022