Premier league could be hit with the deadly Corona Virus after officially revealing in their website that the match between Arsenal and Manchester City which was scheduled to take place today 11/3/2020 has been prospone due to concerns that arsenal players may have contacted the virus after Shaking hands with the owner of Olympiacos club Evangelos Marinakis during their last Europa league tie with Olympiacos

However, it was not officially confirmed untill Evangelos Marinakis revealed in a Post in Instagram that he had just been tested positive to the Virus. “The recent virus has visited me and I felt obliged to let the public know”, he wrote. “I feel good as I take all the necessary measures and I dicipline to the doctors instructions. I strongly advise all my fellow citizens to do the same. I wish all a quick quick recovery”..

The premier league has since taken a precautionary measure after the Olympiacos owner announced that he had contacted the COVID-19 Virus less than two weeks after he met and shake hands with Arsenal players following a Europa league fixtures.

Members of Arsenal playing squad have now been put into two weeks of self-isolation in a precautionary move.

“The players will remain at home until the 14 days period expires. Four Arsenal staff who were sitting close to Mr Marinakis during the match, will also remain at home until the 14 days are complete”.

“However, we are strictly following the government guidelines which recommends that anyone coming into close contact with someone with the virus should self-isolate at home for 14 days from the last time they had contact”. Arsenal said in a statement.

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