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Just as penis comes in different sizes, a woman vgina come in different inches. A woman’s v*gina is not a “hole” but it’s elastic.

When it expands it is meant to absorb whatever goes in irrespective of the size, and after which it returns to it’s normal size as if nothing happen.

According to Dr Olufun Milayo with handle @DrOlufunmilayo in series of his tweet said that most men with small pnnis do not always want to admit they have a small pnnis, but rather they always turn the blame to the woman’s v*gina as being wide.

He furyher said the average vagina length is about 2.75 Inches to 3.25 inches and it can expand to 5 inches when sexual aroused and an average p*nnis size is 3 inches which can expand to 5 inches when erected.

A man with relatively big pnnis dating a woman with a small vagina is bound to enjoy the sex even if it will be painful to the lady, as the pnnis will lap well in the vgina and that is when a guy will enjoy the sx.

Nevertheless a man with a small pnnis will fail to see it this way, rather he will blame the woman for having a wide a vagina, not willing to admit that his pnnis is small.

It is easier to label a woman as having a ‘wide vagina’, but maybe is time guys sit down and ask themselves this important question: Can it be because of the size of my pnnis? Her vgina may seems wide to you when it is not wide, but sadly you have a small pnnis and that is why. It is not her fault but your fault for having a small pnnis he concluded.