DRYVA – The outbreak of CORONA VIRUS (code named COVID 19) has changed the way things are done around the world. All aspects of human endeavours have witnessed an overhaul and the transport sector is not left out, the pandemic has thus created an urgent need to ensure secure and safer methods for people to commute to their various destinations.

There is an increasing need to create an avenue to operate safely and securely, as transport companies consider how these security threats and vulnerabilities manifest locally on the system and affect their businesses. Domestic and international transportation channels experience threats, following a growing concern for transportation security for stakeholders and commuters in the world over, just as it is in Akwa Ibom State.

This makes it pertinent to examine what world best practices are being used today in the industry, to enhance the security of transit systems and the people who interface with those systems, especially with the outbreak of the dreaded Corona Virus, which raises concern for the safety of passengers.

The movement of students, traders, medical workers, primary caregivers and members of the informal and formal labour force criss-crosses and zigzags – one trip could involve multiple places and destinations for diverse purposes. This is described as trip-chaining, for those who tend to combine the various activities that they must complete in a day, for example, domestic and care-taking responsibilities as well as wage- earning trips.
Women in urban areas tend to take a greater number of shorter trips to dispersed locations at more varied times and these trips are more expensive in terms of time and money.

DRYVA is a new transit system birth with disruptive technology as an innovative approach to urban transportation system. It bridges the needs of the transportation sector using Smart Technology that suits the retailers’ market, the buses provides cashless trips at very affordable fares, as well as effective security for customers to curtail social vices, which are common in urban mass transit.With innovations like DRYVA, public transportation is now made safer and conducive.

Safety and security of lives and properties of passengers, gives rise to the need to establish a system for crime prevention using the database of drivers on the DRYVA network.
The company’s focus in Akwa Ibom is providing remarkable transport service to the ‘Grass-Root Retail Market’ sector which makes up a vast portion of the transportation industry, while bringing in disruptive technology to the mix to provide effective solutions.

As DRYVA commences operations on Monday, June 1,2020 customers and passers by on their routes on Abak , Aka, Oron, Nwaniba and Ikot Ekpene roads will witness a revolution in transportation.