Rt. Hon Usoro Akpanusoh,member representing Esit Eket State Constituency

Esit Eket Patriots has reacted to the the allegations by Rt. Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh describing the political leader of their community Elder Benji Udobia as a self centered, fraudulent and conservative person.

The statement signed by members of Esit Eket Patriots reads

Waking to unprovoked insults on the Political Leader of Esit Eket Local Government Area, Elder Ben Udobia by the Member representing Esit Eket/Ibeno State Constituency in the State House of Assembly, Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh, on social media platforms may come to a few as bravery but to a larger majority it is shear display of arrogance.

Not so much would perfectly describe Akpanusoh's action than Ray Ekpu's coinage "the courage to do nonsense." Condescending to social media mudsling against a man who has jointly and severally been of assistance to him is not only regrettable especially in a situation he had to boycott his boundless access of venting his differences with his kinsmen as a family, to the pettiness of patronizing the fluid space of the social media.

One would recall with nostalgia when Esit Eket was badly polarized that brothers could deal cruelty on another, which became for Akpanusoh who thrives in controversial atmosphere, an era of political rising; notwithstanding how unhealthy such a time was for the people. His unfavourable disposition to peace lies in his discomfort at beholding the sight of his people, put away past differences to sit on the same table. This readily pops up the question of why Usoro Akpanusoh craves divisiveness, on every sane mind.

Those phantom allegations against Elder Udobia only remains in Akpanusoh's imagination as they are nothing more than a tissue of lies from a known infantile personae who does not mind tearing down societal fabrics of peace and mutual co-existence with selfish fictions. His affinity with mudslinging is roundly expressed in the figures he bandied about how much Elder Udobia received from the NDDC for a job awarded his company, which findings have shown is yet to be paid.

Unsuccessfully trying a fast one on the sensibilities of reasonable people, Akpanusoh could have done better if he restricted himself to the bounds of political engagements than attacking a business venture that has employed and empowered countless several across the State, in addition to the numerous benefits it has brought Esit Eket, which far outweighs Akpanusoh's ill-fated legislative representation.

Without dignifying Akpanusoh's claim that the political leader hijack projects for the area to his community, mention must be made that such jobs are never left to stakeholders decision as the Governor at Executive Council meetings decide where every job should be situated.

It is as distasteful as it is disheartening that a State legislator could wait till he gets external promptings before informing the Governor about the challenges of his people, else how do one assimilate the assertion that it was Ben Udobia that asked him to send the Governor an SMS? Apart from Akpanusoh, leaders across the state update the Governor on problems their people are faced with, but Akpanusoh will never strike gold with sensible engagements, pelting insults is his forte.

Rather than settle for such unpopular sentiments, Akpanusoh should be schooled in the art of co-existence as politics has evolved to a peoples' venture, away from when it was convenient for him to solely take decisions without consulting the people. It should be on record that his outburst is not unconnected with the decision of the leadership of the People Democratic Party to return the party to the people at the ongoing congresses, which will see Ward Leadership of the area emerge through the people at that level. Sadly, this does not sit well with Akpanusoh's penchant for tyranny.

Checks have shown that right thinking stakeholders of the Esit Eket are in sync with Elder Udobia's leadership of the area's political space except Akpanusoh who thinks himself an emperor; hence the need to warn him to desist from seeking to bring disrepute to our hard-won peace and political coherence with his selfish tendencies.

"A word is enough for the wise" may not be a message for Akpanusoh, but we are determined to face his ignorance head-on to allow everyone a voice in Esit Eket Local Government Area.

We therefore declare our unalloyed support to Elder Ben Udobia's leadership and queue behind well meaning stakeholders in the crusade to salvage Esit Eket from Akpanusoh's desperate claws with our emboldened resolve to take ownership of our fatherland.

We are:
Unwana Evans
Ubong David Akai
Unwana Assam
Amb Nsikanabasi Ese
Barr Aniefiok Ekwere
Hon. Anietie Elijah
Hon. Bright Maxwell
Obong Anwan Godsown Udoito
Hon. Emman Akpodighe
Comrd. Imoh Edoho
Hon. Collins Jimmy
Comrd Godwin Elijah
Nsikan Okon
Victor Thomas
Martins Brown
Aniefiok Assam
Victor Edoho
Abraham Udobia
Mike Etteudo
Jones Itama
Aniekan Edoho

Esit Eket Patriots.”

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