Some years back in the absence of my mum and our other elderly ones, and severely malhandled by hunger decided to give cooking a trial. Omo come see drama…. It was quite a funny experience, as I made for some cups of rice. Yes, I tried but forgot one thing. Immediately dropped the food from the fire, mummy and my older siblings appeared. Everyone was excited and anxious to have a taste of my delicacy. However, on tasting the food, they all returned it to the pot for mum to rework on it; I had forgotten to add the one thing that makes a difference- Salt . Indeed, on adding the salt, the whole thirst was transformed, and we all ate happily. Salt is an agent that preserves and brings taste to the fore. You cannot hide it. Whatever it touches, you must notice it’s presence.

On another occasion, I found myself in a viewing centre watching the match between Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club. It was the opening day of 2019/2020 season. Quite an interesting match. As the match proceeded, William took the ball on a counter attack heading towards the opponent’s goally, and then the unexpected happened; the light went off. You can imagine what happened that day- Chaos. But at the return of light, there was order. Light is a reagent. Light gives warmth and energy. It shines the way and dispels darkness from every sight.

Today, Jesus uses these rich symbols of salt and light to signify the role of his followers in relation to the earth and the world. In place of Simile which compares two things in different classes with the use of ‘as’ and ‘like’, he uses metaphor and makes a direct allusion to the qualities of salt and light and those of a Christian. Every follower of Christ is a light of the world and the salt of the earth. As the light of the world, we are called to expose darkness and influence those living in darkness and bring them back to the benefit of the light.

As salt of the earth we are called to strive hard to preserve true faith, values of the kingdom and the teachings of Jesus. We are called to make a difference. Making a difference by our good deeds is both a sacred duty and a divine mandate. We are called to distinguish ourselves. We are called to set ourselves apart and add value to life. This is what the widow of Zarephath did to Elijah, and in return Elijah’s presence also made a difference for her life and the life if her son. This also is what we must do to anyone we meet and anywhere we find ourselves.

Good morning and remember to add value to someone’s life today!