When we wake up from a comfortable and luxury bed, in a well equipped and sophisticated apartment, to a bright day brimming with possibilities and spiritual energy, the aroma of the breakfast fastening the brushing and clean up process, after which we’re carried in an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office, the fat bank accounts giving us assurance and reassurance of a secure future, then, it’s simple to breeze out the door singing, with a smile on our faces and impacting God’s blessings on anyone we meet. Then, it’s easy to respond ‘all the time’ to the saying: ‘the Lord is good’. This is witnessing ‘in season’.

However, there are other days: From losing a job, to losing your car, to losing your son/daughter, to crises in marriage, to Landlord serving you quit notice, to not having three-square meals and children fees. These are times that our hearts are often dry and our shoulders shake. If at this time, you are asked if God is still good. What will be your response? Many are tempted to say, ‘sometimes’. But these, are out of the season days. And men and women of God in Nigeria have had during this period of Covid-19 pandemic first hand experience of witnessing out of season where there are no tithes, offerings, thanksgivings, even people visibly present to preach to. But, you’re expected to still pledge palliatives for your faithful as good Shepherd.

St. Paul tells us in today’s reading that, witnessing to our faith in season is easy but out of season is often very difficult. Hence, he exhorts us to witness both in good times and bad times, in and out of season bearing our suffering with the hope of immortality, hope of the resurrection, for our God, is not the God of the dead but of the living (Mk 12:27). The storms and trials of life are to build the muscles of our faith, and to develop our character, shaping us to become more like Jesus Christ. Hence, Resurrection is not a mere continuation of earthly existence as the Pharisees posited in the Gospel reading (Mk.12:18-27). It’s an entirely new life; a life of bliss and love. For deep human love, does not know death. Real love stays, ‘Forever’. Love will always reach out toward the eternal. To believe in the resurrection means to live each day as if it were your last, in acts of love and goodness. Then, we can rise above death.

Let this hope be our consolation and stronghold as we witness to Christ amidst the difficulties and challenges of life in our time.

Good morning! Do have a blissful day!