IbomAir Airbus photo from Facebook

Ibom Air remains the cheapest Airline in Nigeria – Government Official

Ibom Air has been declared as the cheapest and reliable Airline in Nigeria by Akwa Ibom State Government Official.

Commissioner for Economic Development and Ibom Deep Seaport, Mr Akan Okon, made this known while briefing the media as part of his annual End of the Year media interaction session.

Mr. Akan

Ibom Air has been under social media criticism as a very exorbitant airline and their monopoly of Victor Attah International Airport.

But the Government Official whose office supervises IbomAir debunked such assertion.

He said, “Even in Canada or the USA, a one hour flight is not less than $200 for an economy ticket but Ibom Air is just #50,000 for an economy ticket which is not even up to $100 but like the CR Jet that Ibom is using that is manufactured in Montreal, Canada, when they are taken for maintenance, it is the same MRO charge other airlines are paying that Ibom Air will pay, the same jet fuel they are using that Ibom Air is using but yet when we’re back from maintenance, we are charging less than what is applicable in Europe and you can’t compare a plane that is just 4-9 years old to others that are 20-30 years old”.

Okon explained that Ibom Air is a business venture and must be managed as such.

Ibom Air is the cheapest. How much do you pay for a one hour flight in the US? How much do you pay for a one hour flight in Canada bearing in mind that when it is time for maintenance of the aircraft, the same place that Ibom Air will be maintained, is the same place other airlines will be taken to and they all pay in dollars?

Ibom Air is offering world-class services that is why it is the airline of choice of an average Nigerian air traveller”, he noted.