Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announces ban on all sporting events in Italy inculding the popular Italian football league SERIA A are to be put on hold until 3 April.

The Italian prime minister also reportedly signed an order banning all public gathering across the country, and added that people must only move for work and emergencies due to latest figures revealing that 463 people had died from Corona Virus from total of 9,172 infections.

This means that the popular Italian league the SERIA A has also been suspended. Initially, before the suspension, a derby match between Juventus and Inter was played behind closed doors in an empty stadium, restricting fans from coming into the stadium to watch the match.

Juventus and Inter played behind closed doors in an empty stadium

Of recent, football has been significantly affected by the spread of the Coronavirus across Europe, not just in Italy alone, but also in France. Since the Virus is less in France compared to that of Italy, precautions have been taken to a point that the second leg of the champions league blockbuster between PSG and Dortmund in France will be played in an empty stadium without supporters. Also clashes between Sevilla- Roma, Olympiacos-Wolves and Valencia-Atlanta will all be played in an empty stadium where fans will be locked out

The future of the upcoming Euro 2020 has been brought to stadium following the outbreak of the disease, but UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is optimistic about the tournament going ahead.

“We are dealing with it and we are confident we can deal with it”, Ceferin said.

“You don’t know how many big concerns we have: we have security concerns, political instability and one is also the virus. Let’s try to be optimistic, not think about dark sceneros- there’s time for that later”.