Comrade Nelson Nseabasi Secretary General of COOPA, Nsisong Frank , Rt Hon. Mark Esset and other members of COOPA during a chat with Rt.Hon Esset,

The Member representing Nsit Atai State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Mark Esset has given support to Conference of Online Publishers in Akwa Ibom State (COOPA) and called for conform regulations to guide doings of members within the forum to portray the intended image of the body.

He made this stance in his office while playing host to COOPA team today.

“Since COOPA has been in existence from 2015 and has been steering its activities, I believe the group is driven by good focus which if adhered to by members, the sky will not limit the height of the forum. I support good vision, therefore, I support the vision and idea behind COOPA.

“Hope the leadership will be up to task to ensure professionalism and ethical standard is set to regulate and control the activities of members so they can achieve their aim and also project the positive image of the forum.”

He however charged COOPA members to engage more on sectoral reporting like Economy, Education, Agriculture, etc; which is geared towards nation building. The group was also urged to engage more on objective and constructive reportage which will raise the bar of digital reporting within the group.

Earlier, COOPA team said the idea behind COOPA in 2015 was about the coming together of like minds of Online Publishers to galvanize thoughts towards State development and mould opinions in advancing positive policies and programs of government for better governance.

Leading the delegation on behalf of the Chancellor of the forum, Mr. Ifreke Nseowo, the Secretary of COOPA, Mr. Nelson Nseabasi said over 50 Professional Bloggers and trained Journalists are members of the group.

“We just came back from Lagos on training to sharpen our skills and aligned with international best practices. So, COOPA is positioned to add value to its members to be better and offer professional services to its vast audience.

“Timely training, retraining, learning and unlearning is premium within the body to ensure best practices in years to come as COOPA goal is to achieve best at all times.”

COOPA commended the strides of the Legislator in the House of Assemby and urged him to continue protecting the interest of the voiceless masses.

On Social Media bill which is being considered by the National Assembly for Public Hearing on March 9th, COOPA said as a body, the group will lend a voice to the bill.

The member urged the group to get in depth knowledge on the content of the bill so they will give an informed position when opportunity shows up.

By Enwono-Abasi Elisha