Photo of St. Boniface from CDN Facebook page


A touching homily leaves one delighted. This was probably how a majority of Jesus’ audience felt in the Gospel reading of today (Mark 12:35-37), after listening to him display so much wisdom in revealing himself as something more than being David’s Son. Who no like better thing!?

Sometimes, truth sounds nice but bitter when swallowed. Yet, joy comes to those who embrace it. Jeremiah acclaimed, “When I found your words, I devoured them; they became my joy and the happiness of my heart…”(Jer.15:16). Yet, for the sake of that same delightful word he suffered so much.

St. Boniface was so delighted in the Gospel that he accepted not just the rigours of evangelising the Germans but also the crown of martyrdom. When you are in love with God, you just can’t stop delighting in his word even when it costs you. Jesus delighted in his Father’s will, Paul in his mission, Boniface in the Gospel and willingly they all bore sufferings. So too it is and will be for us but the unfailing crown 👑 of glory awaits us.

Beloved, taking delight in the word of God is by action, not by mere hearing. God delights in you, that is why Christ paid for you with his blood. Pure love!!! When you fall in love, even slap go taste like honey. My child, if you are ready to serve the Lord, be prepared for an ordeal. May the grace of God accompany us as we struggle to serve him better each day. Amen.

Good morning and have a grace filled day!