Mtn, Airtel New Code for checking balance and ors 

( How to check for mtn or Airtel balance )

National Communications Commission (NCC) has announced a new and uniform short code for checking balances for Mtn and Airtel users.

With effect from Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the National Communications Commission (NCC) will be introducing uniform shortcodes for all telecommunications companies (telcos) in Nigeria. 

The idea is to harmonize all shortcodes for all the telcos. That way, life will be easier as you don’t have to memorize many numbers. 

Here’s a list of the shortcodes:

(1)*300# – Call Centre/ Help Desk;

(2)*301# – Voice Mail Deposit;

(3)*302# – Voice Mail Retrieval;

(4)*303# – Borrow Services;

(5)*305# – Stop Service;

(6)*310# – Check Balance;

(7)*311# – Credit Recharge;

(8)*312# – Data Plan;

(9)*321# – Share Services;

(10)323 – Data Plan Balance;

(11)*996# – Verification of Subscribers Identity Module (SIM)

 Registration or NIN-SIM  Linkage; 

(12)*2442# – Do Not Disturb (DND) Unsolicited Messaging Complaint Management;

(13)*3232# – Porting Services ( Mobile Number Portability)

NB: For example, right now, if I want to check my Airtel  Balance, I use the shortcode *123#. If I want to check my MTN Balance, I use the shortcode *556#. From today, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, if I want to check my Balance for my Airtel and MTN lines, all I need to do is to use *310# for both telcos.  As mentioned, the introduction of uniform shortcodes for all telcos is to make life easy for you, the Subscriber.