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As the COVID 19 pandemic enters a new phase, one can only imagine what to expect from this bunch of comic talents discovered in Uyo during what this writer refers to as the ‘Corona Era’.

Meet them;



A damsel goes viral on Facebook for making a request for ‘chicken laps and spaghetti’, to be delivered to her by any risk taker, who knows the way around town (Uyo) so well enough to avoid routes with police road blocks due to the lockdown.

The video went viral and was followed up with a hilarious video, another request, funny enough to keep her already earned followers asking for more.

Udeme Mbossoh is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Uyo with a major in Directing. Udeme is a Broadcaster, Theatre-preneur and most recently, a Lockdown Comedienne. She also has special interests and abilities in Film making, Content Creation, Writing, Singing, Dancing and everything do-able, as a young woman with skills great enough to get the whole world laughing.

Udeme Mbossoh

When asked how it all started, she said ‘ I wasn’t serious about it…I was just messing around. It actually started with my video where I suggested a few items people could use to survive the lockdown, I noticed the reception was good, I did another one and it increased so I continued’.

What started out initially as fun according to her, seems to have given birth to a new brand, ‘I was just having fun and totally unsure if I’d continue after the lockdown, but now I think I will’ Miss Udeme concluded.

The comic act started off cracking jokes as a joke, until he decided to take it serious and make it timely.

Done in Ibibio, the traditional newscaster launched himself to limelight and widespread admiration during the Corona era, his video commentary on the ‘married women & side chick’ saga went viral amongst Akwa Ibom and Cross River indigenes around the world.

Akai has since followed through with the brand, deploying different styles and creative ideas to his set and content. Although yet to be articulate, his spontaneity is commendable, what amuses many is the fact that he reads the news off hand, despite having in his hands what is supposed to be a script.

Born on the first day of the year 1992, to Nsit Ibom parent at Uruan local government area of Akwa Ibom State, Akai is a graduate of Estate Management from the University of Uyo. His talents are singing and acting, while his hobbies are playing football, reading and travelling.

After school, Akai spent years pursuing a musical career as his tool to break even , but the popularity he is yet to enjoy from music because ‘Uyo no be Lagos’, comedy has given. According to him, his inspiration is drawn from positive vibes and his immediate environment, ‘poverty follow join ooo’ he was quick to add.

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