Nigeria 2023; hire your next CEO/President right for prosperity or risk all you’ve worked for.

By David Okon.

David Okon

This post is a follow up to a post made by one of my friends on the endorsement of Asiwaju BAT by some Yoruba artists & the opposition to that endorsement by some citizens, while stating that no one complained when others endorsed Governor Peter Obi for the Presidency in 2023.

The line of thought that Peter Obi or Asiwaju Tinubu or even Atiku Abubakar are aspiring for the office of the President of Nigeria on ethnic or regional considerations are faulty, it’s not even healthy for the mission we have in 2023; to make Nigeria work again for all regardless of tribe, religion and economic position.

Nigeria and all of us need to move away from ethnic political posturing against 2023, the poverty, unemployment, insecurity, low manufacturing capacity, national debt, educational disparities, health facilities deterioration no longer recognise tribe or religion, it affects us all.

The artistes who endorsed Obi didn’t do that under any ethnic colouration as it cut across lines & regions, if some want to endorse BAT, it should not be under any ethnic disposition too, same for Atiku or Kwankwanso.

See, if any of Obi or BAT or Atiku wins and then makes Nigeria work, we will all be happy, regardless of their region.

In 1992/1993, M.K.O won in my local government & state against Alhaji Tofa, i saw Abiola campaign with helicopter & i was inspired by him, even though i was below the voting age at the time.

People from the East supported M.K.O, South South did the same, it was a pan Nigerian mandate, but the feudal Lords were not ready to relinquish power at the time, even though he wined and dined with them for several decades prior.

Today, any one with a Pan Nigerian mandate like M.K.O will win in a free and fair election, whether he is from Ogbomosho or Kafanchan or Nnewi, we need a new Nigeria driven by ideas, accountability in governance, good fiscal management and national cohesion.

In 2023, the task ahead of you is to make objective decisions based on facts available about each candidate and campaign for, vote and install the new President of Nigeria based on competence, character and capacity.

It is also important not to exclude age, understanding of geopolitical and economic policies and politics, mental alertness, knowledge of digital economy and climate change etc.

These are some of the issues driving elections globally, Nigeria has challenges and opportunities that need a leader with a 360° perspective to lead us from economic doldrums to prosperity, digital backwardness to the frontiers of innovation, industrial development and security.

When we get it right based on above assumptions & parameters; it will beget gtowth & make Nigeria a leading travel, investment and economic destination.

If Nigeria were a fortune 500 company in the United States of America or a business entity listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and you were the hiring manager, i bet you will consider these as pre-requisites for any candidate aspiring for the office of the Chief Executive Officer;

-A bachelor’s degree and an M.B.A from a prestigious business school.
-15-20 years industry experience with the last 8-10 spent in senior management.
-age below retirement age of 60 years.
-good business strategy & technical expertise with verifiable results of delivery on targets. -emotional intelligence.
-IT savy, certifications in relevant industry skills.
-fellowship of 2-3 professional bodies, etc.
-wide network of contacts globally.

Now, Nigeria is your company, as the citizen you’re the majority shareholder, the CEO you hire, will determine if you will be paid dividends annually or if the company will declare bankruptcy and file for liquidation or become the market leader and improve your fortune, hire for 2023 and hire right, hire for posterity and prosperity.

When Nigeria works, some of us will not think of Japa, but to make Nigeria be like Japan.

David Okon is a Business Strategy, Public Policy and Communications specialist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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