10 Things You should know about Norfin Offshore Shipyard Akwa Ibom State

Norfin Offshore Shipyard, Liberty Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone, Oruk Anam, Akwa Ibom State
  1. Norfin Offshore Shipyard is the First Ship Manufacturing Factory in South South/South East Region.

2. The Shipyard is owned by Etinan born but Singaporean based ship manufacturer Engr. Iniekong Charles.

Source… Norfin website

3. The first vessel built by Norfin Shipyard, Akwa Ibom is MV Norfin Swift, a 9 meter Fast Security Escort Vessel.

4.MV Norfin Swift will be launched on January 30th by President Muhammad Buhari and Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State.

MV Norfin Swift security vessel built in Akwa Ibom

5.Norfin is presently employing 85 people with a projection expansion to 3000 in 3 years.

Some staff with CEO Engr. Ekong and media personalities

6.This Shipyard Project is a private Investment with Akwa Ibom State government providing a secured environment and community support for the investment.

7.Norfin Shipyard has the capacity to build sea going vessels, such as ferries, barges, fishing trawlers among others.

Norfin Gracious built in Singapore

8.This investment is a product of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s PPP Initiative.

9. Norfin shipyard is located within Liberty Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone, 1 Norfin offshore Avenue, East West Road, Ikot Ukpong Obioesse, Oruk Anam Local Government Area.

10. Norfin Offshore shipyard will also provide Ship Brokerage and Vessels Chartering, OSV & Oil Drilling Rigs Fleet, Corporate Operations Support and Consultancy and ship management.