Hon. Idorenyin Inyang
  • Commends him for his maturity, humility while serving as Vice Chair

A frontline political movement, Nsit Atai Liberation Movement (NALIM) has welcome the former Vice Chairman of Nsit Atai Local Government, Hon. Idorenyin Inyang as he takes over the leadership of the council as Acting Chairman of Nsit Atai.

The group also commended him for his maturity, humility, and diligence in service while serving as Vice Chairman.

The President of the group, Hon. Emmanuel Jack Bassey stated yesterday during an enlarge Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) meeting in ward 10, Nsit Atai local government area.

Speaking to journalists, Hon. Bassey a former councillor in the local government and grassroots mobilizer said that the people of Nsit Atai local government received with joy and appreciation to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Udom Emmanuel and the leadership of the State House of Assembly for lifting the burden of maladministration, inefficiency and executive rascality from Nsit Atai.

He maintained that the suspension of Emem Ibanga as council chairman has brought succor to the people of the local government who were in political bondage.

The president of NALIM described the suspension of the former chairman as a welcome development and the best thing that has happened in Nsit Atai in recent times.

The group’s president reiterated that the people of Nsit Atai has suffered inefficiency, poor performance and executive rascality from the suspended chairman who had no regard for the people’s welfare.

He further stated that the abandonment of the people when they needed the chairman’s help most during the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown was the latest in her insensitivity to the feelings and welfare of the people as she never supported or donate any palliative from the council to Nsit Atai people. And thanked the political leader of Nsit Atai, Otuekong Raphael Bassey and the member representing Nsit Atai State Constituency, Hon. Mark Esset for always being there for the people.

Hon. Bassey noted with pride the sterling leadership qualities exhibited by the former Vice Chairman who is now taking over as council chairman, recalling how Hon. Idorenyin Inyang despite all the things he was going through in the hands of Emem Ibanga, he remained humble and focused in his assigned responsibilities.

The NALIM President further described the tenure of the suspended chairman as the worst in the history of the local government with nothing to show after squandering 2 years and 6 month in office. He added that the suspended chairman has not been able to achieve any development in the local government.

He assured the governor that Hon. Idorenyin Inyang is at home with the people of Nsit Atai and will stabilize the polity and bring development to the local government. The political juggernaut also congratulated the state governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel for his five years of superlative performance in the state.

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