Essien Ndueso and Prince Ntukude

Until politicians begin to rely on sound pieces of advice from major stakeholders and accept realities, they would continue to fall prey to greedy prophets who aim at exploiting and rendering them hopeless.

The Deputy Director General of Pastor Umo Eno campaign organization, Dr (Prince) Godwin Ntukude stated this while dispelling the false notion that Pastor Umo Eno has stepped down for Mr Akan Okon in the 2023 Governorship race in Akwa Ibom State.

Speaking in an interview session anchored by the Special Assistant to the Governor on Research and Documentation, Mr Essien Ndueso on Comfort FM, Dr Ntukude blamed false prophets who are solely materially driven for driving Mr Okon into peddling such false news stories.

“There is this story in town that Akan my brother is a victim of a fake prophet. The one I’m told is a woman. Akan should try and detach himself from this (entanglement) because what is driving him into thinking that he can become governor, is fake prophetic declaration.

“All these false prophets are materially inclined, and self centered to make their money. The kind of money they have extorted from these gullible people is too humongous”, he said.

“The artificial and false prophets are the genesis of the whole problem. The greatest challenge to our nascent democracy is the advent of false prophets who are materially inclined and self centered to make their money.

“The kind of money they have extorted from these people is too humongous. The way they concoct these prophesies, and network with sister/brother prophets, you are bound to believe that you are the one chosen.

“I sympathize with my friend and brother Akan Okon. We have been together in the State executive council. Beyond being a very close friend to His Excellency the Governor who entrusted him with so much responsibilities, I don’t know what must have given him that false confidence that he can wobble through all these.

“This is a man who has never contested elections before and does not know what politics is all about. He is being misled by people who at the end, after draining him of his little money, will turn around and mock him.

“Anyone who engages Pastor Umo Eno will know that the man is a very intellectually high capacity gentleman.

Ntukude also explained that most people who saw Pastor Eno leave the St Francis Secondary School, Ikot Ataku after few terms most probably think he ended school then, but unknown to them, he furthered his career at Victory High School, Ikeja where he acquired his Senior School Certificate.

The deputy Campaign Director General commended the Governorship Candidate as one who is not only qualified but has so much content, adding that Pastor Eno cannot relinquish the position that was entrusted to him and further advised the public to discard such speculations.

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