Hon. Imefon Benjamin


Councilor representing Oruk Anam Ward 4, Hon. Imefon Benjamin has made a U-turn from his earlier stance of not being part of impeachment notice issued to embattled Vice Chairman of Oruk Anam, Hon. Abasiama Etukakpan.

Hon. Imefon with other three councilors had issued a statement titled “rebuttal of notice of impeachment” which they stated that “there was no plenary with impeachment as an agenda” and “that the said impeachment notice was conceived and written without the consent of the councilors”.

The rebuttal letter

On 7th August 2021, Hon. Imefon had taken to social media – Facebook to announce his stand on the impeachment and boasted about his integrity and his political future.

He posted “On my honour and the good people of ward 4 in Oruk Anam Local Government Area. This is my stand for the sake of my integrity and my political future for reference. I so submit.!” with the Legislative Council letter headed paper titled “rebuttal of notice of impeachment” attached as a picture.

Imefon post on Social Media

However during the maiden hearing of the 7-Man Panel set up by the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly to investigate the impeachment process initiated by the Oruk Anam Legislative Council, Hon. Imefon affirmed his support to the impeachment notice.

Speaking, Chairman of the Panel and Deputy Leader of the House, Barrister Aniefiok Dennis Akpan , thanked Chairman of Oruk Anam Local Government Council, Mr. Kingsley Frank, and members of the Legislative Council for adhering to the invitation and assured that the Panel will be fair and just to all.

Barrister Akpan further informed that the House of Assembly will not hesitate to impose restrictive measures on Oruk Anam Local Government Council, or any other Local Government Council, if the Councillors are not orderly in their conducts and activities.

“Let me warn, we will not be sitting over Oruk Anam Legislative Council issues every other day. We have other things to do and we have not had this issue from other local governments. Section 81 (1) of the Local Government Administration Law gives the House power to impose restrictive measures in any Local Government Area or its Council as the House may deem fit. Let this be noted seriously,” he maintained.

“Go back and tidy your Council, talk to your stakeholders and leaders and ensure that there is peace in Oruk Anam. Peace should be uppermost in all that you do for the people of Oruk Anam,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Leader of Oruk Anam Legislative Council, Hon. Sunday Festus, submitted a written submission to further buttress their allegations and the said written documents were served on the Vice Chairman, Mr. Abasiama Etukakpan.

Mr. Etukakpan, who was also given opportunity to respond to the allegations, promised to forward his written response to the Panel.

Speaking with our reporter, Rev. Anietie Etuk of Revival Gospel Center, Ibritiam, Oruk Anam, he cursed those behind the ordeals of Hon. Abasiama Etukakpan. He quoted Psalm 109 which talks about a prayer for the punishment of the wicked.