Adejumo Adekunle…sourced from facebook

Royalty Staff opens up on paying tithes from Salary

royalty group

Royalty Group former facility manager, Mr Adejumo Adekunle has reacted to allegations that staff of company founded by Pastor Umo Eno pays tithes from their salaries.

Adekunle made the reaction while making a comment on social media -facebook post of one Mfon Abia who alleged that staff of Royalty pays tithes monthly from their salaries.


He said, “Sister Mfon, trust you are doing great. I have dropped a write up for you in response to this false allegation against Pst Umo Eno. Like I wrote in the text, I worked in his company (royalty hotels ) for seven good years where I rose from junior staff to management staff before I resigned. The company as never removed tithe from my salary or anyone one before even till now and I don’t think they can ever do. Stop the erroneous statement against him. Try verify information before supporting it. Sister Mfon, I know you very well to be intelligent, pls don’t allow people mislead you.”

Mr Adekunle resigned voluntarily to pursue his personal business after serving the company for more than seven years.

The Company is yet to make an official statement on the matter.