Senatorial Aspirant withdraws from race over lack of financial support, threatens to defect from PDP

Hon. Nkereuwem S. Udom

A social media aspirant for Akwa Ibom North-East(Uyo) Senatorial District, Hon. Nkereuwem S. Udom has withdrawn from the contest over lack of finance to buy nomination form and consult delegates from nine(9) local government making up the senatorial district.

In a social media – facebook post on his wall this morning, Hon. Udom said his aspiration did not receive any financial support despite asking for support on his facebook posts.

“I can also say, with a sense of pride and satisfaction that, since in March 2019 that I started to give a push to this dream, I had at no time received the least sum of one thousand naira as support from any individual or group, even with my recent call for partnership and support”, part of his statement read.

Hon. Udom further assured his supporters that his aspiration could still be achieved in another party or postponed to a future date apperantly threatening to defect from Peoples Democratic Party.

“Finally, since I am persuaded in my spirit that DIVINESEAL is a vision that awaits manifestation in due season, my decision either to continue to give it a push in 2023 through another platform or postpone it to a later time will be made known in due course”

Hon. Nkereuwem S. Udom was a councilor in
Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government lesgilative council, whose campaign to represent Uyo Senate Seat was only on his facebook posts.