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“Great leaders gain support because they can effectively unite a group of people around their core values. Leadership is not about telling others what to do, but rather should be focused on getting others to follow you”- Anonymous

Sadly enough, a lot of us will claim to listen yet, we hardly hear what is being said for we often only listen to our made up minds. Governor Udom Emmanuel, the proactive Governor of our dear State; has remained in touch with us through thick and thin during this demanding period. His sincerity of purpose, his sangfroid audacity, his commitment to our common plight can not be faulted by reasonable minds.

It was the British Philosopher, Political activist and Noble laureate; Bertrand Arthur William Russell, who said, “the only thing that can redeem mankind is cooperation.”

The truth is, it’s a near impossibility to lead a divided house. There’s a need for citizens to cooperate with the state and relevant Agencies. This Apathy, this misconstrued perception that all leaders are liars has never built any great society rather great Nations have fallen because the people choose to believe a lie.

We Implore all to awaken from factionalism and lend their expertise and resources towards a quick recovery from the ravaging menace of Covid 19 on our people and economy.

Rather than funding diatribe, we should applaud the Akwa Ibom State Governor and his resulted oriented team for the great job done so far in upgrading the health facilities in state instead of relying on a make shift facility that could force us backward in the near future should such Pandemic reoccur.

“Problem Identified is 50% solved”

Since neither our Nation nor State was fully prepared for this pandemic, we implore all to sheath their swords and make themselves available as partners of progress.

Moving forward, we suggest that Covid 19 Team be expanded to include Chairman, House Committee on Health, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, who was at the site of the ongoing construction of an Isolation Centre at Ituk Mbang, Uruan LGA. We as well commend the Honourable Speaker; Rt Hon Aniekan Bassey, for leading some legislators an oversight function to witness first hand the speedy standard work ongoing at the Isolation center.

The Nigeria Medical Association, Association of Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, (AMLSN), National Association of Nigerian Nursing and Midwives, NANNM, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN, University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, UUTH,Infectious Disease Hospital, IDH, should arise to their greatness as the state government remains poised to protect the state against the Corona Virus pandemic.

Governor Udom Emmanuel has emphasized that, the COVID-19 pandemic did not meet Akwa Ibom State unprepared.

The Governor buttressed his assertion with numerous illustrations and further intimated the public on a number of measures put in place by government towards combating the dreaded pandemic in Akwa Ibom State.

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel

✅ Hospitals in the state were already
equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and digitized long before the first case of Corona Virus was mentioned in Nigeria.

✅ 407 Doctors and 2000 Nurses were already on ground in the health sector of the state.

✅ Isolation centres were already put in place at the Infectious Disease Hospital, IDH, Ikot Ekpene and the Ibom Specialty Hospital, ISH where 25 beds had been in place and also modern facilities.

✅19 ventilators available in the State

✅ Stable power supply provided at the Ibom Specialty Hospital

✅ Functional Intensive Care Unit, ICU with medical professionals and Consultants

✅ Digitalised /functional situation room and call center manned by 50 medical experts.

✅ The Governor meets with members of the Covid-19 situation room everyday for updates

✅The Covid 19 response team works in strict adherence to NCDC procedures

✅NCDC was in the state for 2 weeks to train and guide on the rudiments and intricacies involved in the handling of Covid 19

✅ NCDC has scored Akwa Ibom state 99%in contact tracing

✅An agency has already donated 100 beds for the 300-bed isolation centre at Ituk Mbang Hospital. The government will provide the remaining 200 beds for the centre.

✅ The state government is continously equipping our hospitals and by the end of the pandemic, health facilities in the state will be Top notch

✅ If you have or know of anybody of suspected symptoms please call immediately

✅ Every sickness is not Covid 19, always put faith over fear.

✅ Akwa Ibom state is not hiding information about Covid 19, it’s just that confidentiality of the patients remains Paramount. It is unethical to disclose the private health records of a patient. It is done anywhere in the world.

✅ Akwa Ibom state has only 3 active COVID-19 patients today and all are in good condition.

At this juncture, the wise saying of Graham Bell becomes sine-qua-non: “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds”. Thus, we call on all groups to eschew rancour and work together, for our servant leader; Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel has spoken.

Ernest Akpan

Joseph Okon