How long will you go limping with two different opinions? (1Kgs 18:21)

In the question asked above by Elijah as recorded in the text of today we see clearly the mindframe and the situation of the Israelites at the time. Thus, the question can be detailed as follows: Why do you walk so lamely and unevenly, being so unsteady and positionless in your opinions and practices, as doubtful which to choose, Yahweh or Baal; sometimes serving one, and sometimes the other, and sometimes joining both together? Not only some Israelites worshipped God, and others Baal; but the same Israelites sometimes worshipped one, and sometimes the other. They worshipped God, perhaps, that they might please the prophets; and Baal to please Jezebel, and obtain favour at the court.

Elijah strongly bemoans this absurdity and double-mindedness. A man without a position and decision is heading no where. No wonder scripture says, if you’re neither hot nor cold I will spit you out.

Many of us are like the sons of Israel, positionless: we come to Church yet jump from one juju place to another. We are Christians but our lifestyle spells completely the opposite. On Sunday you’re in Church, in the night you’re flying from one house to another, holding one sacred meeting to another. Most of us, even as we’re seated here have amulets on our waists, others on their doorposts, other still hidden in their rooms and the sacred places of their houses. Some worship God and adore their riches. Indeed those who chose other gods increase their sorrows (Ps. 16:4).

Today, the word of God tells us that there can be but one God, but one infinite, and but one supreme: one omnipotent and one all-sufficient.Yahweh alone is God. Hence, we should stop being unresolved under our convictions; unstable and unsteady in our purposes; stop promising fair, but not performing; beginning well, but not holding on; stop being inconsistent with ourselves, indifferent and lukewarm in that which is good. Our hearts are divided whereas God will have all or none. Now we are fairly put to our choice, whom we will serve (Joshua 24:15). Yahweh or Baal? The choice is yours!

Good morning and remain blessed!