By Imoh Benjamin

As patriotic Ikono citizens, political leaders and electorates keep on appraising the wonderful performance of Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo, they are accompanying their positive verdicts with blessings on their Representative for his sterling leadership style.

The member representing Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency does not seems burdened by the huge amount spent each time to host such public occasion, neither does he indicate his intention to relax from his benevolence due to mounting pressure on him by his ever increasing number of constituents.
This is unlike a familiar attribute of Ikono/Ini politicians who, while in the same boat, groaned that pressure was killing them and chased electorates away with unwelcoming frowns.

Already, people are bewildered that while generously dashing out over 40 million Naira in cash, cars, equipments, start-up packs, palliatives etc., at the same venue, he still announced two more mega-empowerments slated for the year 2022. How he musters the capacity to dare such odds under the prevailing economic situation (where most office holders snob electorates in order to gather dividends of democracy for their selfish interest), puzzles observers.

Indeed, the people are excited even in their amazement about his consistent empowerment programmes because in the history of representation at this level in the Constituency, no one has done what Rep. Ukpong-udo has been doing regularly with ease. This fact cannot be disputed even by his most sworn political foes.

Without being disrespectful or trying to blow his trumpet, it can be said that even if the empowerment programmes of all the former representatives in their different tenures are summed together, they do not compare with his single term performance so far.

Rep. Ukpong-udo has demonstrated capacity and this is why the electorate are justified to demand for another term of his leadership at the National Assembly so Ikono/Ini people will reap more. It is reasoned that with the unusual capacity to share massive benefits from his position as a first timer without any juicy, profitable or powerful committee in the Parliament, the Constituency stands to benefit more if he goes for another term to earn seniority advantage which qualifies him for higher rewarding position domiciled in A-class committees.

Only a patriotic, dependable and selfless leader can sacrifice so much to serve the collective interest of his constituents and Ukpong-udo has proved himself to be a patriot.
He has made his people feel the impact of good leadership, and this progress in Ikono/Ini could be stagnated at this level if another term is not embraced to give him a better position to consolidate on the foundation set and raise the benchmark for others to strive to attain in future.

Rep Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo a grassroot politician with constituents

What is the immediate advantage of a neophyte over Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo’s second term in 2023? The present representative will serve better.

Besides, there should be reward for performance in order to encourage future successors to perform as well, or even better. Also, failures should not be permitted to benefit from re-election in order to serve as deterrent to others. Reward system like suggested will reposition the politics of Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency now and in the future to benefit the people who deserve good leadership and better governance.

It is instructive, at this juncture, to revisit commendations from political leaders of the zone about Rep. Ukpong-Udo’s game changing leadership style which has erased the popular saying that “prophets are not honoured by people of his home.”

Barr. Goddy Umoh, the Chairman of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Service Commission said, “I have played the politics of this Federal Constituency, and I can boldly say it has never been this good. Ukpong-Udo has exceeded expectations.”

Sir Victor Etefia, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Petroleum Resources, praised Obong Ukpong-Udo for enlightening the people of the Constituency on what is involved in rendering effective representation that impacts meaningfully on lives of electorates. According to him, Rep. Ukpong-Udo has performed exceptionally well.

The State Organizing Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr. Moses Akpan stated that Hon. Ukpong-Udo has not disappointed Ikono/Ini people as well as the party by his marvelous performance and prayed that God will not disappoint him in his endeavours.

The Ikono Chapter Chairman of PDP, Barr. Ekemini Uba said he was very proud of the representative’s sterling performance in terms of dispensation of dividends from his office and so has raised the bar of representation in the Constituency.
Mr. Isreal Idaisin, Chairman of Ini Local Government Area, praises Ukpong-udo’s impressive capacity at representative consistency.

Surely, the worth of Emmanuel Ukpong-Udo is recognized by his people and what needs to be done to consolidate the gains should be his re-election in 2023.