Sen Bassey Albert at Ibeno beach few days ago

Senator Bassey Albert today confessed that he had the novel Corona Virus in July 2020 in a church gathering in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital.

Speaking in today’s Second Service testimony time at Full Life Christian Center, Uyo. Senator Bassey Albert popularly known as OBA said he is grateful to God upon his life despite been infected with the deadly Corona Virus in 2020.

He began with “Praise the Lord, Happy New Year, I’m here to really thank God , I think I have been very ungrateful to God, it is always a privilege to testify to the Goodness and mercies of God upon our lives. God has been so Good to me. In July 2020, between the 14th of July and 24th of July I had covid and this was known to only my wife. I was down, as in I was down, but I’m here to testify that after 14 days, God delivered me from that covid 19. I can say of the truth, that covid is real.”

Sen Bassey Albert and wife

He further said that he was scared of bringing his family home for Christmas.

“Before we came for Christmas, I was very worried about my family, because I know how it is with me when I come to Akwa Ibom. I know at some point my wife were contemplating if we should bring the children.” OBA said

Sen. Albert gave thanks to God for preserving his family during the Christmas break. Hear him “But I’m here to also thank this God, who sees beyond all measures, that we have come and we are leaving tomorrow morning with my family, nothing broken, no illness,the children are so free despite the way they are playing up and down, God has preserved us to his own glory. So I’m here to testify and to thank this God for keeping my family safe, protected, preserved, nothing broken in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Senator Bassey Albert testifies at FLCC

He further prophesied into his political future, apparently speaking into the political events of 2021 which might shape his gubernatorial aspiration in 2023.

“2021 is my year of good news, He unchallengeable, He remains undefeated and He remains the all powerful God, so I want to Thank him in advance for all the victories he will grant me and my family in the year in Jesus name. Thank you and God bless you.”

Recall that Sen. Akpan on 31st December 2020 empowered his supporters with cars, Keke , motorcycles. A pundits who spoke with us appluaded Sen. OBA for the gesture but faulted giving cars to former Political appointees who has several other cars in their garage. The pundits further said OBA was affirming Matthew 13:12 which says that “
Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Items for empowerment by Sen Bassey Albert.