Electricity workers

I’m sure your surprise that we are doing this. The issue of electricity bill has been a source of concern.

Electricity bills are high because of certain issues. Before we move to the causes of high electricity bill.

Let’s see how to reduce electricity bill in our house.

  1. Change all bulbs to energy efficient ones. I mean change that yellow bulb to the white one(Lay man’s understanding)
  2. Stop using outdated or old appliances.
  3. Close the Window while the AC is on.
  4. Make sure you turn off your appliances, I mean remove from the wall or better still off the socket.
  5. Stop charging deceives unnecessarily. when they are full, remove from power source.
  6. Remember to off that heater, it’s the main reason for high electricity bill. Make sure you off it after a short while.
  7. If your house if not properly insulated, electricity bills will always be up.